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ME: Samara by Alteya
ME: Samara
And yet another card for Mass Effect tarot. 
Samara, the Justicar.
ME: Thane by Alteya
ME: Thane
Another card for Mass Effect tarot set.
Thane Krios.

Let me know what you think of this choise.
ME: Shepard by Alteya
ME: Shepard
So from today on shallete and I start posting Mass Effect related pictures.
Basically - MassEffect tarot cards. Like those for DA:Inquisition, but for Mass Effect.

You can find her cards here:
And mine shall be duplicated here:

Happy N7 day everyone!
Ghilan'nain by Alteya
Mother of the halla in elven pantheon of Dragon Age universe.

"They say Ghilan'nain was one of the People, in the days before Arlathan, and the chosen of Andruil the Huntress. She was very beautiful — with hair of snowy white — and as graceful as a gazelle. She kept always to Andruil's Ways, and Andruil favored her above all others."
(codex entry)

"Ghilan'nain is called the Mother of the halla, deer-like creatures revered by the Dalish and used to pull their aravel, and goddess of navigation.
According to an inscription in the Temple of Mythal, however, in addition to the halla, Ghilan'nain had created many other creatures - giants, monsters, and beasts that spanned across the sky, water, and earth. These creatures Ghilan'nain had killed after Andruil approached her with an offer for apotheosis — all except a few, with the halla being one of them. She thus became known as the youngest elven god."

No matter how I'd like to show all those grand creatures and/or enormous skulls - they would not fit the chosen format. Maybe another time though!
Also she was one of the first 'elven gods' I've painted, so now I'd probably choose to depict her a bit different.. However I like how she came out - one of the People, not exactly as pompous as the rest of the pantheon.

And that's it.
I guess?

(unless one day I feel like this party lacks one particular Dread Wolf)

Thanks for showing interest, for all the comments, opinions and support!
June by Alteya
June is the God of Craft.

"..Elven Master of Crafts. He is described either as a brother to Andruil and Sylaise or as Sylaise's husband. He taught the elves to make bows, arrows, and knives to hunt Andruil's gifts."

But what I find more important - he was never depicted with expected for mentioned crafts tools.
"Each elven "god" represents an aspect of their ancient civilization, each story a metaphor for this aspect. June's is least understood. Depictions stretch back to ancient Arlathan, but he appears most seldom of all their deities. Dalish legend says June is a god of crafts and building, but the oldest depiction have none of the tools the Dalish associate with him."
(codex entry)

So.. why couldn't he craft runes and make enchantments?
For all those bows, arrows, knives and else.
(another speculation, duh..)

Got a bit sloppy with background. But eh.. Should move on.
Hope it shows the idea.


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*chaotic good*

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fufunette Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Ok I'm sorry I asked. Thank you for your reply anyway. I can't wait for your future arts! ^^
Alteya Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Oh, no worries, it's okay to ask. =)
NelRios Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excellent and beautiful work!
Alteya Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
Thanks a lot!
K-wuet Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
You have very beautiful gallery! I especially like your rendering as well as the ornament you put in some of your pieces =D
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Thank you kindly! :3
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Alteya Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Благодарю! :hug:
RaraIvy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I want to throw money at you for that solas pics you posted to tumblr, do you have an online art store I can buy prints from cause they are perfect and I feel like I need them in my life on my walls?
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